Best Mattress For People Suffering Back Pain

A lot of people suffer from back pain in their late 40s. One of the reasons behind back pain could be an uncomfortable mattress or a bad choice of bedding. Back pain keeps people from involving themselves in sports and other physical activities, resulting in an unhealthy routine life. People suffering from back pain know that this is very challenging to get rid of it and how badly it affects the health of a person physically and mentally. A lot of people question what is the best firm mattress for back pain. The answer to that is very simple. You must know your preferences and needs. Everyone must consult their doctor to understand their needs better.

There can be many reasons and multiple types of back pain. Pain caused by some injury or side effects of surgery can be different from the pain caused by not exercising and not having a healthy lifestyle. Generally, a very soft mattress is not a good option for anyone, especially for growing children and people suffering from lower back pain; it is very unhealthy and uncomfortable. A better choice would be a firm mattress that is not very hard but with the desired thickness that can support your lower back and eliminate the muscular problem causing back pain. The best firm mattress for back pain can be considered a memory foam mattress since it is not very hard, providing the desired firmness with a highly comfortable mattress base.

Why Is Firm Mattress Best

A very soft mattress, especially the one with springs and coils, cannot be a very good option for people suffering from back pain. Soft mattresses keep your body in them just like you are sleeping in some swing. This does not keep your body posture straight, and your lower back is at a position not aligned to the upper back. Medium-firm mattresses provide the best posture to the body, and your body adapts to the most comfortable position in it. People suffering from lower back pain need support in their lower back, which a very soft mattress will fail to provide. Their body will sink in, making their pain worse. Firm mattresses provide enough back support to heal the pain and give a proper long night comfortable sleep.

Why Soft Mattress Is Uncomfortable 

A very soft mattress will fail to support your body in the best manner. When a person sleeps on such a mattress, his body sinks in the mattress, making the back pain worse. People suffering from back pain cannot comfortably sleep in a very soft mattress since it does not provide the necessary support to the back for a good sleep. While testing a mattress in a showroom, you might feel a softer mattress more comfortable. Remember that it is not necessary for what you feel comfortable with within two minutes of trial in the showroom will be good for you to have a long night’s sleep.